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How tho choose Instant camera for Wedding Guest book? I am not suprised that some customers are confused which camera to choose. As there are so may of them. I will break down the key aspects and hope you will have easier choice to make:

Fujifilm Instax cameras:
Fujifilm makes 2 format film: portrait (instax mini) and landscape (instax wide). There are many different camera variations but to be honest with you, the cheapest camera will do the work well. And if i were you i would not spend extra money on them.

Instax mini film / FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 camera
If you like portrait format then Fujifilm Instax mini is a good choice. It is not big: credit card size. But dont be afraid, its very cute and works well for portraits. Not more then 2 persons in the photo will look great. Also its the cheapest film. Price for 10 pack starts from 9$.

Instax wide film / Instax 210 camera
Is landscape format and 2x times bigger then instax mini. Its good for group photos because lens is wider and there is more space in the photo. So if you have a bigger wedding and wish for bigger groupd photos i recomend using instax wide camera. Film is more expensive. 10 pack starts from 13$

Impossible film / Old Polaroid cameras:
Impossible film- old Polaroid cameras can be used in your wedding. Polaroid Company itself is not making the film anymore but the German company "Impossible Project" bought the last factory and still makes it. Format is more square and the size is similar to Instax wide then instax mini. I havent tried it myself but it looks like the Impossible film is good quality but expensive. 8 pack starts from 20$. If you decide to use the old cameras make sure to test the cameras first.  

Polaroid Zink film / Polaroid Snap Instant Camera:
This camera is instant / digital camera that uses instant film and keeps digital version of the photo in the memory card. Photo size is similar to instax mini. Camera itself costs around 100$ and 10$ for 20 pack film. The biggest difference is that this film does not have the white frame around the photo. You can select the camera option to print with frame. So you will get the effect of white border artificialy. This film also feels more like paper then film. And i would not choose it.

Polaroid PIF 300 Instant Film / Polaroid Pic-300 Camera
It is the same size like instax mini film. Camera also looks similar. Film price is 24$ for 20 pack. Instax mini is cheaper and easier to find. 

Dont forget:
It is not good idea to rotate camera with Instant film, because it has white border under. And it should go white border down to the pocket if you are choosing album with pockets like Liumy Guestbooks.

Conlusion: my favorite cameras are Fujifilm instax mini or wide. Even the cheapest cameras will work great and the film is easy to find in your local stores or online. So have fun and "shake it like a polaroid picture".


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